Welcome to our crafty world! Maiden Jane is a little crafty business that we just started because we have so many cute things we want to show you! We have done a few craft shows and are probably going to do an Etsy, so tell your friends and family about us! Maiden Jane is my mom, Jane, who will be posting some of the time, and of course I am Annie, who will post too. When we look in the newspaper, and see all of the people who have done so many crafty things and made a lot of money, we think “we could have done that”, but never got the chance. So here we are starting out here. Newbies. Not knowing what to expect. Here are some photos of our crafts so you can get an idea of what we make. Enjoy!


Metallic Bag

High School T-Shirt Quilt
Home-made Aprons

Home-made Bags