My friend has two of her kids getting married, one month apart from each other this summer!  (Talk about busy!) She is putting together a beach-themed basket together for each shower which will include some of my various beach bags.  She was also considering a beach blanket.  I have not seen many beach blankets in the DIY world, so I took a tour and found these various pins.

The top photo is from Handmade Home from the author of the lovely blog Soule Mama.  She repurposed lovely vintage sheets and blankets to make the beach blanket.

This one is made from napkins.

This is a clever blanket made from beach blankets cut apart.  I especially like her construction method and it gives me an idea about another project….

This one was created using bandannas.

Sometimes a vintage chenille bedspread is used as a backing fabric.  In the above photo, a home dec weight fabric is used.

Searching for pink and orange fabrics on I found some fun fabrics.

When I was asking for input on favorite beach blankets, a few of you suggested sheets since the sand doesn’t stick to them and they are lightweight.

Things that I like are

  • A good size.  The size of a twin bedspread is 80″ x 110″, about 6.5′ x 9′.
  • Lightweight, but with enough weight to not blow about in the wind.
  • Colorful
  • Dries quickly
What do you like in a beach blanket?  What do you use?  If you purchased one, what is it like?  Where did you buy it?  I will share the ideas with my friend.  Lacking anything vintage, I can’t decide if it is worth it to make a blanket and I am unsure what to use as a backing fabric.