Early in the summer I attended my 25th college reunion.  While walking around the campus I spotted this dress and snapped a photo.  I thought it was made with President Obama fabric which is sold at Contemporary Cloth.

I later realized that the woman was a nun.  A little research (and zooming in on the photo) revealed that the photo is of Bishop Godfrey Mary Paul Okoye CSSP.  He founded an order of nuns in West Africa.

Now, you can probably guess that a plain Jane like me would never wear something like this.  It makes a bold statement…especially with the location of the photo motif.  However, the uniqueness of the outfit (habit?) certainly caught my attention and caused me to learn more about the person.  T-shirts have long been used to express ideas:  political, religious, or otherwise.  So is this any different?  What are your thoughts?