What Would You Want?
No, this is not a completely open-ended question….but I would love it if you could help me out!
But first, let me backtrack.  See that lovely oversized beach tote?  It’s sitting on the diving board of my brother-in-law’s pool!  I met SisBoom on Twitter.  She is the incredible designer Jennifer Paganelli.  Wander through her web site and be prepared to be amazed at the array of colors and patterns as well as her new book, “Girl’s World.”  This fabric is one of her laminates.
I decided to whip up an oversized beach tote for myself out of this fabric.  I have used the same bag for more than 10 years or so and thought I could use a second one.  I figured that the laminate would be good for a bag that is in the “splash zone” at the pool!  
Do you ever go to the pool, throw down your bag and end up with damp towels?  The laminate is the perfect fabric to keep the moisture out!
At the end of the day, I simply threw all the wet towels and bathing suits back into the bag and tossed it in the trunk to go home.
So I am thinking that this would make a nice beach bag.  Which, in turn, made me think about what is the IDEAL beach bag?  What would your ideal beach bag be?
For me, ideally, it is big enough to hold towels and quilts for my family.  That’s why I created my “Oversized Beach Tote.”
I have had wonderful customer response to my bags.  You’ve got to see this post by “rock star” Twillypop.  In response to customer desires, I am adding features like pockets and key clips.
But in looking forward, help me by describing what your ideal beach bag would be like.  I’ll list some ideas to get you started, but feel free to chime in with anything!
– Quality:  it is important to me that anything I make or buy be well constructed
– Size:  big enough to hold oversize towels, quilts, and more
– Pockets: magazine, sunglasses, cell phones
– Key Clips: clip your keys on so they don’t get lost in the sand
– Style: bold florals, geometrics, …
– Waterproof: a bag made with a laminate above would resist water getting inside
– Wet bag inside: a smaller drawstring bag to stash wet bathing suits
– Sturdiness: Land’s End makes bags of heavy-gauge canvas.  These can stand up on their own.
– Lightweight/portable: My current bags are not heavy (until you put 10 towels in) and they can be folded for ease of travel.
– Handles: cotton webbing or fabric to match?
– Lining
Thank you for your input!