What’s that beautiful thing?  It’s supposed to be Calorimetry.  I have had this gorgeous, hand-spun skein of yarn (I won it!) sitting in my basket for ages.  I was inspired to make Calorimetry during a recent road trip because I thought it would be a quick, simple project.  That, it is.  However, I am frustrated at the results and what you see is the beginning of my ripping back.

I made a gauge swatch and it came out spot on.  I worked diligently and was binding off when I got home.  I tried it on in the mirror and – egads – it’s way too big – both in width and length!  It is not intended for me, but for my daughter.  I thought it would be really cute to wear around the college campus.   I’m mad that I didn’t read the notes on Ravelry – so many people had the same problem.   Oh well, another lesson learned….I’ve learned many over these 40-some years!

See that tangled mess of knitting?  That’s not so fresh off the knitting machine!

OK, I have one successful project!  Inspired by the amazing pin cushions Liz was making, I used this pattern to make this gift for my niece.  I need to make some more for myself!

That lovely crepe de chine (silk) is for my daughter’s prom dress.  I need to get a move-on!