As you may or may not know by now, I’m a “Plain Jane.”  I don’t have pierced ears, rarely wear necklaces and only wear my wedding rings and my college ring.  My daughters keep me apprised of the trends, but I’m usually pretty behind on most of them.

I don’t know when/where/how the vintage jewelry trend started, but I LOVE the skeleton key necklaces that abound on Etsy.  My husband surprised me by purchasing this lovely handmade necklace at a local boutique.

(Note to others:  If I’m wearing it, it is no longer a trend!)
My mom is turning 81 tomorrow and she IS quite fashionable.  It has been a rough couple years for her.  We lost my dad and then after a long winter she had a terrible ankle break.  She had a long summer of recovery and is still in pain at times but is getting out and about.  She loves to go out to eat so we plan to celebrate at a local restaurant.  She doesn’t want presents, just the family dinner, but I thought it would fun to make her a skeleton key necklace.  You can bet I will be scouring garage sales and thrift shops for these keys.  But for now, I found supplies at Joann.  I made the chain long enough for her to place it over her head.
If any of you know the next fashion trend (besides wool socks, wool sweaters….) please let me know!