Even though we had a lot of 90+ days this summer and very high humidity, you can feel a change in the air.  The kids are back in school and we have entered football season.  From CYO to high school games (and watching Annie in marching band) to Saturday college games and Sunday NFL…we’re talking football!

With my mind free to wander a bit, I was struck with an idea to transform one of my oversized totes into a football bag.

I started with a green jacquard home decorator fabric that resembles turf.  I scaled the football field and embroidered the lines and painted the yardage numbers.

I added a goal post and football to finish the field.  Inside I added a key clip and a small zippered pocket.  I can now set off to the game with my ID, some money, and a few blankets.

You need more than one blanket at the game!  One to set down on the cold, metal bleachers and one to wrap up in!

While enjoying my son’s game I asked some of the guys to “man up” and model the bag for me.  Because I guy can totally carry this bag!

What did they say about the bag?  “Hey, you can hide a six pack in that bag!”  Sigh….

A limited number of bags are available here.