I shipped off this collection of oversized beach totes to a bride-to-be as gifts for her bridesmaids. I was surprised to get the order because I get a lot of inquiries for six bags. I spend a lot of time offering fabric suggestions and quotes. Typically, I don’t even hear back from the potential customer. (So I’ve learned to keep my responses short and sweet now!) 

But I finally did have a customer return to purchase one bag in each of the six colors of Sisboom laminate fabric. They look so pretty together!

My bags are simple. But they are practical. We collect enough “baggage” from a wedding…..let at least some of it be useful after the wedding!

My son is running track. This is my first experience with track. I had heard that the meets are very long. The first meet, I sat for 3 1/2 hours before my son even ran! Now, with the help of carpooling, I have it timed much better. Still, I take my “survival bag.” It is my oversized tote. I like to use it because it is often cold and/or damp at this time of year. I feel comfortable setting the bag down on the ground or the bleachers knowing that everything inside is protected from the moisture. I also love that the bag can be wiped clean.
So everything goes in – even my purse! I bring my knitting along, my Nook, the week’s worth of unread papers, wool hats and scarves….(we have been fortunate in that we haven’t encountered rain, but it has been cold and windy!)

I’m hoping to make oversized totes designed in new fabrics. You are always welcome to ask me about selecting a fabric of your choice.

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