I was asked by an old friend from high school, Ingrid, to create a table banner for “Camp Gizmo.” Ingrid has led an interesting life. We connected after our 25th High School reunion. She asked me to create a blanket for her sister. Since then I have watched her fascinating work on Facebook. Her business in Kanics Inclusive Design. She had collected T Shirts from Camp Gizmo over the years and asked me to create a banner to use at their table.

The shirts had the same words and images, but were in a variety of bright colors. So she selected a bright, contrast color to accent the shirts.

 The finished size is 89″ long x 28.25″ wide.

 I added Velcro strips along the top of the banner to connect to the Velcro table clips on her table.

Here it is on display.

Ingrid wanted the banner to cover two tables, but I can make a banner to fit a single table.

I could also make a wall banner in any size that I am making quilts. The basic difference is that the backing material is cotton instead of fleece so that it is lighter in weight and hangs nicely.

If you are interested in a Custom T Shirt Table Banner, feel free to contact me or stop by my Etsy shop.