I recently had the opportunity to create a quilt for a customer’s young son.  She wasn’t sure the T Shirts would be large enough to fit my typical 12-square quilt because some shirts were sized 4-6. 

A bit of creative cutting and sewing enabled me to fit the shirts nicely.  In the Nasa tee above, you will see part of the sleeve in the square.  In the soccer shirt blow, I stitched some extra fabric into the “v”.

The customer had no color preferences and gave me creative freedom to select the sashing and background fabrics.  I take my shirts to the fabric store and lay them out on the cutting counter.  I then try all possibilities next to the tees.  For this set of tees, it was a difficult decision between a soccer motif and these colorful starts.

I opted for the stars since there were a number of shirts related to space and also because the colors of the stars helped tie the various tee shirt colors together.  I selected a somewhat bright royal blue fleece for the cozy background.

I was thrilled that my customer and her son were happy with the quilt.  I was particularly thrilled since this was my first online customer. My previous quilt sales were via word-of-mouth in my community.

I am proud to share her feedback:

“Thank you so much!! I could not wait to give my son the quilt! It was amazing! He is sleeping with it as I type. Thank you!”