I love my shorter hair style, but there are times that I wish I could still pull it back in a ponytail: when I am working at the cutting table, when I am sailing or on a windy beach, and when I am running. I have borrowed the girls’ headbands but they usually slip up my big head. (I must have a lot of brains up there.) Or the headbands are so tight that I get a headache after wearing it for a few minutes. To solve this problem, I designed a headband out of T Shirt scraps. The headband is nice and wide – perfect for running, but can be stylish, too! Make multiples so that you can throw it in the wash with the rest of your sweaty running clothes. Don’t sew? Keep reading because I have a simple, no-sew version that will take you two minutes to make.


Old T Shirts
Pattern – The pattern is available for free to download on my website.
– Scissors
– Serger or sewing machine.

1. Cut pieces:  The pattern pieces should be cut in the direction of the most stretch. Cut two of the narrow strips (not on the fold). Place the larger pattern piece on the fold and cut out.

Use the cut out piece as a pattern to cut another large piece so that you have two large pieces.

2. Pin pieces right sides together.

3. Sew/Serge along the long ends.  A serger isn’t a necessity. You can use a narrow zig zag that will accomodate the stretch. Or, live dangerously, and use a long, straight stitch!

4. Turn each piece inside out.

5. Press pieces.  Turn raw edges under on the larger piece and press.

6. Insert the small piece inside the opening and pin. Stitch.

7. Repeat with the other side to form a complete loop. You may need to adjust the length of the small piece to make the headband comfortable for your head.

Some creative options:

use a T Shirt with a favorite logo
– paint a design on your headband
– use a tie-dye shirt for lots of color
– use elastic instead of the smaller piece. You may prefer a tighter headband.

Don’t sew? Don’t worry! I have an even easier version for you.


old T shirt, turtleneck, sweatshirt or any knit fabric.
– scissors

1. Lay the large piece on the fabric design you want to make into a headband and cut that portion off of the shirt. In this example, I removed the bottom portion of the turtleneck.

2. Cut the back of the tube to create one, long piece of fabric.

3. Fold the fabric in half. Place the pattern on the fold.

4. Starting at the folded edge, cut along pattern. When you reach the end of the paper pattern, continue to cut in a straight line to the edge of the fabric. Repeat with the other side.

That’s it! Tie it around your head as tight as you want. Wear it high or low. Show the straps or keep them in the back. If they are too long, cut them! These are perfect for me at the beach to keep my thick hair tamed in the wind.

Here’s how it looks on this old lady….it ain’t so pretty, but it sure is practical!