Have you discovered Auto Awesome on Google yet? It discovered me! I use Picasa to edit my photos, so my photos reside on my hard drive, but somewhere on Google servers, I guess, too. When I took my ice skating photos before Christmas, Google notified me that my photos were Auto Awesomed…..which means they were enhanced. I hope you can see the twinkle lights above. Snow was falling on my ice skating pictures. There are some fun animations and features which apply automatically. They aren’t public unless I share them (I think!) I also enabled backup of my photos. I’m still learning, but check it out on Google+!

PS. I’m still in recovery mode. We are slowly looking forward to the return of routine. We are being hammered by snow and cold temperatures. Our ice rink has not frozen again yet – despite the cold temperatures. But we do have snow on the ground, so we hope to sled and ski this weekend!