My Baking Powder Biscuits (150 calories each!)

I flipped around my posts this week due to the tragic shootings at Chardon High School.  It’s been on my mind a lot and I find myself in a bit of a fog.  So I’m afraid this will be a bit of a ramble of ideas – probably not inspiring to you – but wanted to share anyway.

Annie had a custom order last month or so for her clutch purse.  She was commissioned to make one white one and five pink ones for a wedding, we presume! She did a lovely job and got the nicest feedback!

“This shop has been my absolute favorite out of all the shops I’ve worked with so far. The seller was so prompt and careful about everything! I purchased several bags from Pink in Mind, and the shop owner had my purchase ready so quickly, and had them shipped right away. They came wrapped so thoughtfully and were exactly what I asked for! I reccomend this shop to everyone! Thanks so much Pink in Mind for my wonderful purchases!”

I’m very proud of her.  She doesn’t have the time to devote to marketing her shop and her sales come in waves.  She is a busy high school student who has taken over her brother’s job of setting up and managing sound for school events.  The musical will be coming up and she will be consumed during tech week.  In my opinion, you can have the most talented cast, but if you can’t hear them, well, it just isn’t good.  She is a hard-working and diligent student.  She is also in the sewing club.  I had the chance to go up on Monday to teach members of the club how to make my T Shirt Quilt Pillow.  A couple of the seniors want to make T Shirt Quilts so I helped them get started on that.  I forgot my camera but the local newspaper was there so I’ll share them if they are published.  I thought it a bit ironic.  It was the same day as the high school shootings and we were unsure if the reporters would show up due to the extensive news coverage out in Chardon.  However, they did show up because they are visiting a number of schools doing a report on high school clubs and activities.  As much as I joke about teens, I love being around them.

This week is also a little different because my college son is home.  He’s not working as much as he did at Christmas, so I’m seeing him a bit “more.”  I use that term loosely, because he is definitely keeping musician’s hours!  He works extremely hard on breaks, at school and during summer.  He does a lot of sound design for live bands and school musical productions.  It’s very hard work and often late hours.  But since he is studying jazz piano performance, he is increasing his playing opportunities.  Yesterday he had two auditions. Both are interested in him and, in fact, the one restaurant hired him for tonight!  He will be playing there twice a week this summer.  So if he lines up several more he will be playing out quite a bit.

I might have time to pop in and see him, but in lieu of his other restaurant gig I signed up for a networking event tonight.  It is with women graduates of my college.  We are meeting at a shop where people can come in and make jewelry, so we are going to select a project to work on!  I’m excited about that.  In the process, I signed on to make another donation quilt.  I told myself several years ago that I would limit my quilt to one donation per year.  This is the one I made this year:

However, since my daughter has received a scholarship from this organization, I thought it would be a great way for me to give back.

I made a custom apron for my college daughter to give to a friend. She selected an adorable fabric and I deleted the photos I took before sending it to her!

In my fogginess, I feel like I’m a bit adrift.  I’m working on a custom beach set for a friend who has TWO kids getting married this summer!  I’ve hashed out various ideas for a beach blanket.  I don’t like my duck cloth backing, so it’s back to the drawing board.  (And now I have a lot of duck cloth in inventory….)

I’m also trying to get a few new styles of oversized beach bags together in anticipation of summer, but with a steady business of T Shirt Quilts that has been a challenge.  But sometimes getting a custom order can help kick you in gear.  The top fabric was selected by my customer and the multi-colored stripe and turquoise geometric are in my inventory.  (photos taken in the studio this morning under fluorescent lights.)

I have had people sign up for my email newsletter but I have not mastered building a campaign yet.  Add that to the “to do” list.

Meanwhile, another funeral to go to….

Feeling inspired?  OK, I didn’t think so.  I’m grateful for my family, my friends, my social network community.  You are all so supportive and I appreciate each and every one of you!