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I am so excited to share my latest interview with you:  Fiona of Fiona Designs.  I met Fiona on Twitter.  We hit it off immediately and I understand why after reading this interview.  Well, I always knew that she was nice and I love her work, but now I know that we have a few things in common!

Remember my blog post about the Lost Art of Letter Writing?  Well, Fiona Designs will get you writing again!  Her designs are simple, clean, and elegant – all things I love and admire.  I have come to learn that Fiona is a perfectionist (we like to stick together.)

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Let’s talk to Fiona:

How long have you been creating/designing stationery? 
I started designing greeting cards about eight years ago.  I was spurred on by the fact that I never found exactly what I was looking for when card shopping.  I wanted to create cards that were unique, elegant, simple and reflected my sense of design. This year I have added to my collection personalized stationery which is a nice compliment to my offerings. I enjoy working with my clients to create custom stationery and cards for them.

Did you study design in school?
Yes I did. During my undergraduate studies I minored in Graphic Design and later majored in Design for my MFA when I studied at Parsons School of Design.

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What inspires your designs?
So many things inspire me – the loved ones in my life especially – many of the sentiments on the greeting cards were created with them in mind. From a visual perspective I am constantly inspired and in awe of nature, flowers, birds, landscapes, you name it.

Do you still send hand-written notes? Do you think the next generation will know how to write a note?
Yes – I still send hand-written notes. I think it depends on the child and the family traditions. I know my sister for instance, has her children writing thank you notes but it is becoming much rarer.

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Do you enjoy other hobbies?
I have other hobbies I enjoy which include dabbling with acrylics (so far I have a large scale dog portrait and a lotus flower painting that I am particularly proud of), I love taking photographs and I also enjoy knitting. (I’m so glad I discovered you are a knitter!)

Do you work and/or study outside your Etsy shop?
I currently take on freelance Graphic Design work outside of my Etsy shop.

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Are you a small town or big city girl?
I enjoy both although I have only lived in a big city.

What kinds of music do you enjoy?
I really enjoy a huge variety of music from classical to pop.

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Favorite vacation spot.
Cayman Islands.

What’s your favorite chain type restaurant? 
P.F. Changs
Crumbs Bake Shop

What things are unique to where I live? As in special customs, favorite restaurants, slang, etc. (I love to find the unique things of an area when I travel. So much of the US is homogenized – Anywhere USA)
The Connecticut town I live in is a mix of a highly urbanized area, suburbia and woodlands. It is only a short distance from the bustling downtown to the beach and also to woods where coyotes, foxes and deer reside. Many people who live in this area commute into New York City as it is about a 45 minute train ride. Interestingly enough just as many people now do the “reverse commute” from New York City into Connecticut to work. In addition to being close to New York City, Boston is 3 hours away, and the Appalachian trail is only an hours drive.

Favorite candy.
Reese’s peanut butter cups
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Your scariest moment?
You don’t really want the answer to that question.

What helps you when you are in a bad mood?
Playing with my dogs definitely helps when I am in a bad mood and also getting outside and going for a walk.

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I love the simple, elegant designs created by Fiona.  I know that the Saxophone set will make a great gift for my son to give his girlfriend!  Thanks, Fiona, for the opportunity to get to know you a little better!  You can connect with Fiona:

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