It’s that time of year!  When Clevelander’s are going a bit stir crazy from lack of sunshine. According to this website Cleveland is the 5th cloudiest US city!  According to the Weather Channel, we are also one of the dreariest cities. So when we have an opportunity to get out of the house, we go for it! By the time we hit St. Patrick’s Day, we are ready to party, whether it is snowy or sunny!

I have been brewing my parade pride blankets for a while. These are cozy sweatshirt blankets with a simple applique to represent whatever makes you proud! They come in a generous 58″ x 88″ size – big enough for two to cozy under. So whether you are on a parade route, sideline or in the stands, a pride blanket is a must!


I designed one for the runners. I have a cross country and track runner. Cross country starts off warm and can quickly turn into chilly, damp fall season. However, track has to be one of the worst spectator sports, in terms of weather. (Actually, as a spectator, these running sports are some of the most inspirational that I have witnessed.) So this blanket is perfect to chase the chills away. This blanket may be good for the friends, relatives, and countrymen that are cheering on marathon runners.

I have other ideas for motifs but have not had time to develop them. If you have an idea of something you’d like me to create, please ask!

For this year’s Celtic Ball at our church, I put together this St. Patrick’s Day Parade Survival Collection. It includes:

  • Parade Pride Blanket
  • Handmade Argyle Cowl
  • 4 Person Collapsible Bench
  • Igloo Brand Backpack Cooler
  • Bailey’s Irish Cream
  • Irish Mat
  • Tailgate supplies: Tray, Tablecloths, Paper Plates, Napkins
  • Socks