I’m putting myself out here today to share with you one of my simple pleasures. (How bad is it that a seamstress hasn’t repaired the holes in her sweater?) I wore through an old cabled cardigan that my husband bought me after tons of use. This one, which my father-in-law bought in Ireland, quickly replaced it. I wear it like a bathrobe. It is the first thing I put on in the morning because nothing keeps me warmer than wool. My family is probably sick of seeing me in it! I don’t wear it out in public, but it hangs on my clothes tree in my bedroom is what I grab when I feel chilled. And here in Cleveland, in April, it is chilly!

What are your simple pleasures?

Here’s a few more of mine:

Having my husband prepare me a cup of coffee (always tastes better!)
The chance to chat with my husband on a quiet Saturday morning before the kids are up
A walk on the beach
Finding a lucky stone or a beautiful piece of sea glass
An uninterrupted stretch of time
Playing Yahtzee with my son
Getting Yahtzee!
Bike rides
Shopping with my girls
Happy hour at my mom’s house
Dinner with all the kids around the table
Piano music
Listening to my son play the piano
Finishing any project
The smell of bleach in the bathroom
The conversation that lingers long after dinner has finished
A glass of red wine
Wool socks
Sunshine on a cold, crisp winter day
Haircuts with Andrew (I get about 3/year)
Discovering a neat, independent restaurant
Eating fresh pizza in a restaurant
Family get togethers
Dinner out with my mom and siblings and spouses
Kind feedback from a customer
Listening to soundtracks
Not shopping, just testing to see if my girls believed the one above
Well, that’s a few for now….