Maiden Jane and Co. have been hitting the turnpike a lot. Between college football games and college visits….and well, college visits (not much other travel we can afford right now….) we’ve put a few miles on the Ohio Turnpike.

It can actually be picturesque if you get one of those expansive, fall skies filled with clouds. The endless farmlands are filled with beauty if you look for it.

No picture, but that one blue cabbage patch has you scrambling to refresh the air!

Driving the turnpike has its own challenges, given that the speed limit is 70. So after making observations, here are my rules of the turnpike.

  1. If a truck puts on its blinker, hang back because as soon as the blinker goes on that truck is moving into your lane.
  2. If a car or truck is attempting to pass another vehicle, let it do so. Do not drive on its rear or whip around and pass on the right. 
  3. Just because the speed limit is 70 doesn’t mean you should be driving 70 in a massive downpour or snowstorm.
  4. Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donut holes are must haves…..but also guarantee that you’ll be stopping at the first rest station!
  5. No matter what line you choose to go through at the toll booths, it will be the slowest. It really doesn’t add that much time to your overall trip. Breathe.
Do you have any to add?