What do you do when your cutting room floor is producing pounds of waste?  I pride myself in that many of my creations are upcycled.  But minimizing waste has become a bit of an obsession and, with the number of quilts I have been making, a growing problem.  In the past I have made my own knit T Shirt rugs and T Shirt scarves/jewelry and tons of rags.

I recently stumbled on an Etsy shop called HandiWorkinGirls which makes many lovely items including baby quilts, doll quilts and hand knits.  I love this upcycled baby quilt.

I asked HandiWorkinGirls if they could use my T Shirt scraps to make Rag Rugs and other creations. I made my own rag rug (and can’t find the picture of it) – but we use it outside the shower.  It’s such a nice, cushiony rug to step onto!

Today, I am sending off 16 pounds of T Shirt ends and a little bit of fleece.  I’m so glad that HandiWorkinGirls can turn my cuttings into something practical and pretty!