It’s not always pretty – real life…. Yes, my floor often looks like that after I’m working with quilt pieces.  I lay them out on the floor.  But before I layer the pieces together I have to clean up that lint, so I get out my favorite tool:  my Vacuflo central vacuum.

My sewing studio is next to my family room, so not only is their a lot of direct lint from taking my large projects out to the family room, but there is a lot of thread and lint carried out from the sewing room and Annie’s sewing area!  Sometimes I vacuum two times a day to keep up with it!

The Vacuflo came to us in the form of  a gift.  I never thought I would “need” it, but when we tucked it away during some remodeling, I realized how much I missed it.  The hose plugs into the wall and the dust is filtered and exhausted to the outside.  It has several attachments for hard wood floors and carpets.

In the sewing room I can not only vacuum up all the threads and lint, but my sewing machines as well.  I use smaller attachments to dust baseboards, lampshades, etc.

So perhaps a surprise tool, but one that is really important to me both in my house and sewing room.  It removes the dust, preserves my machines, and keeps my products (mostly) lint free!

What’s the most important tool in YOUR sewing room?